What Is the Best Website Builder for Affiliate Marketing? 4 Important Qualities

Are you thinking of starting your own affiliate marketing business?

Great Choice! Though you may not know it already, there are 3 billion people online daily! Only close to half of this population are coming on board, and shopping online. Imagine that? 1.5 billion!

Even if you get 0.1% share of that business, you can make a really good online income. And more folks will shop as time goes on. Affiliate marketing puts you in an awesome position to get your share of the revenue. No overheads, no customer queries and no shipping hassles. Your only worry should be on 'what is the best website builder for affiliate marketing?'

Of course, there are many good website builders out there. I am not going to run one down against the other here. Instead, I am going to show you what I use. All you have to do, is decide whether it is something that you would like to try out as well.

Sounds fair? Great let's get started!


Updated: 2nd June 2019. I have made included a video to showcase my review of the best website builder for affiliate marketing. Please feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


There are many features that make a website builder stand out. Here is what I consider the four most important features, that make a good website builder, great!

  1. Building Your Website Framework must be Quick, Fun and Easy.
  2. Top notch hosting is mandatory.
  3. Daily back-ups and site security
  4. Training and Tools to Grow Your Online business.


How to Start an online coaching business

What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is marketed as a site builder, that will help anyone, irrespective of their internet experience, to build a 'thriving internet business' from their passion, interests or even a hobby.

SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing training platform. (More about Wealthy Affiliate a little later on).

Is this really the easiest website builder? Let me take you through the four points I've mentioned above to see how SiteRubix scores!


We have completely removed all technical aspects of building a website and provided an experience that allows you to be up and running within minutes. 

-Kyle and Carson, Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Here is how easily it is done.

First you click on 'websites' >>>>>(then go to)>>>>Site Builder.

How to build a website with Wealthy Affiliate

Thereafter you have to select the type of website that you intend to build. You can choose to build on a free domain, or on a domain that you already own, or you can register for a new domain.

***If you already own a domain, then migrating the hosting is easy as pie, with the quick and efficient help of Site Support at Wealthy Affiliate. 


The last step requires of you to fill in some simple information into a drop-down box. You will have to choose the domain namea title for your website and also choose a theme (You can always change the theme at a later stage, if you are not thrilled with your initial choice). 

How to build a website with wealthy affiliate

Then hit the "GET READY TO BUILD MY WEBSITE" button, and in a few seconds you will have the framework for your site all set up.

Check this short video out, to see SiteRubix in action.


  • SiteRubix is easy, quick and efficient(versatile for both newbie and experienced marketers).
  • You can search for domain name competition using the FREE Keyword Tool within Wealthy Affiliate.
  • You can buy and register new domain names using the SiteDomain feature within Wealthy Affiliate.
  • You can choose from 1000's of professionally designed website themes.
  • You can Try SiteRubix out for FREE!


The last thing that you need when building your precious online asset, is to have it 'break-up' or 'become completely unrecoverable' after having performed a theme change, or a major WordPress update. 

Rest assured, that by using SiteRubix it automatically qualifies your sites(both free and domain owned) to have daily back-ups.

SiteRubix does daily back-ups of all your sites

What about Site Security?

Kyle and Carson made sure that every website hosted by Wealthy Affiliate has FREE SSL Certification. (read more about SSL Certification here).

This includes your free sites as well. SSL in my opinion is a pretty big deal. It means that Google gives your site a thumbs up, and you can take credit card payments if you are going in the direction of building an e-commerce store.

Apart from the security side of things, all domain owned sites, have the SiteSpeed functionality integrated.

With a click of a button you choose to have your site on the 'Accelerated' or the 'Extreme' speed option.

What is the purpose behind this?

Having fast site loading times creates a better User Experience for your visitors. A better user experience improves on your site rankings, and ultimately you and your site are a winning combination.

Cool right?

How to speed up your website? use siterubix site builder

What happens when my site goes down at 4am in the morning?

In addition to all your sites getting daily back-ups by the SiteSupport team at Wealthy Affiliate, they also take the liberty to offer you around the clock Site Support.

They are available 24/7/365 and they deal with almost any issue that you are having with your online business. Check it out!

Site Support deals with a range of issues


  • Daily back-ups of all your sites.
  • FREE SSL Certifcation on all sites.
  • FREE Site Speed on domain-owned sites.


What is the best hosting for your WordPress site? Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix hosting of course!

You probably may have seen lots of promotions for cheap hosting packages going around. In fact, you may have even bought some of these packages. (The one hosting service that I do not recommend is this one).

Anyway, cheap does not always mean its good or of quality. Most times it means that you are getting exactly what it is that you've paid for, which is a cheap product.

Why are these packages so cheap in the first place? Its because these hosts are stuffing your site(s) on a server with 1000's of other domains. The domains slow down your site because they are not closely monitored.

As a result, they can leave security holes, which makes your site vulnerable to hack attacks, and data security issues.

Wealthy Affiliate provides top quality hosting and hosting which is tailored for WordPress CMS and not other Content Management systems.


  • Is highly optimized and simplified. 
  • Has resilient bruteforce and DDOS protection.
  • Sites are hosted on the highest powered servers available.


Earlier on, I told you that SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate.

You have seen thus far, that SiteRubix is a powerful site builder, that has,

  • An easy, quick and fun website builder,
  • Daily Back-ups, Security and 24/7/365 support, and
  • Top notch hosting.

But it does not stop there. Taking up the SiteRubix membership gives you access to Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? 

What is Wealthy Affiiliate

Its a complete and comprehensive training platform that helps anyone, irrespective of their experience, to start their own successful affiliate marketing business.

Wealthy Affiliate is home to over a million other internet entrepreneurs. The interactive community provides you with additional support, coaching and help when you are building your online business.

You don't feel alone within Wealthy Affiliate, and help is always at hand. You can get feedback from the experienced marketers to help with your site.

Then you get step-by-step training courses, to help you build that all important solid foundation. I personally have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 3 years, and these courses really cover every base.This is why I think that it is the best affiliate marketing training course.

For a newbie, it makes building an online business feel less intimidating and more exciting.You can take the free Wealthy Affiliate trial here.

For both the newbie and experienced marketer, there is ongoing training in the form of Live Webinars. You get FREE tools like the powerful keyword tool called Jaaxy, to help give you the upper hand over your competitors.

Whilst SiteRubix helps you build websites that are responsive and mobile friendly, Wealthy Affiliate does the heavy lifting and helps you build a business that ultimately gets 'good' rankings in Google.The main aim of which is to earn a nice passive income.

Which brings me to the next topic? The price of SiteRubix.



You have two membership options.

  • THE FREE STARTER OPTION-no credit card needed.

The Free Starter membership, gives you access to Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix. You get to complete the first phase of the flagship Online Entrepreneurship Course. You get to use the SiteRubix platform as well, and get to experience it firsthand.

In fact, there are loads of other goodies that are included within your free membership. Experience it for yourself by clicking here.

The Premium membership

Let me summarize some of the main things that you will get.

  • A highly optimized and simplified hosting platform
  • Full Redundancy (100% backed-up to the minute)
  • Free SSL on all sites hosted
  • Full Domain and Website Caching and the server level
  • Automated recovery processes
  • Comment spam management
  • Access and integration with SiteDomains (a domain platform exclusive at WA)
  • Daily back-ups included
  • 24/7/365 SiteSupport
  • Access to Industry Experts
  • Personal Access to the Owners
  • World Class Training (1,000's of resources)
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Weekly Live Video Classes
  • The Community and the Live Help

How much will this website builder along with the rest of the stuff cost you? It will cost you $49 per month. They also have a yearly package which is $359. 

Basically, access to the full affiliate marketing suite along with the powerful website builder SiteRubix, is less than a cup of coffee a day!

And you get a discount of $19 in your first month of going premium. 

Sign up to the wealthy affiliate premium membership

Is it really worth it?

Let's say that you are in the market for a good hosting deal. If you are looking for the best hosting packages, you're probably going to be spending between $77 to $249 per month.

That is only hosting related services. I highly doubt that you are going to get the education aspect, and the other features that I've made mention of above. If you do find something that does match what is on offer here, do let me know.

Bottom line: The highest hosting package still does not compare to what Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix offers you.


Here are some member testimonials within the Wealthy Affiliate community. This is what they have to say after having used SiteRubix.

Does siterubix really work?


I personally believe that if you want to be successful in any business venture, be it 'online' or 'offline,' the key is to build a solid foundation.

It's like a house. You have got to make sure that you have a solid and stable foundation by using quality materials for example. 

You're not going to buy cheap materials and build it in a rush, only to have it wither away when the first major crisis hits, right?

So, make sure that when you are building your affiliate marketing business, you have the best tools, training, and support. When your site gains traction, you do not want it to be easily hacked, etc.

When you're serving the 1.5 billion people I mentioned in the beginning, you do want them to have a bad user experience, by having your site loading slow for example, which will cause them to hop over to the next site.

What is the best website builder for affiliate marketing? You know my answer.

I hope that this article has helped you out. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments section below, and I promise to get back to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


2 thoughts on “What Is the Best Website Builder for Affiliate Marketing? 4 Important Qualities”

  1. Hey there! I have been looking for the best website builder that I can use. Actually, I am just new in affiliate marketing and  am not quite sure if I already understand the process. Just a quick question, do you know if this wealthy affiliate is user friendly? And will I be able to understand it even if I don’t have prior online marketing experience?

    • Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn commissions by recommending other people’s products or services via your own website.

      Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a user-friendly platform. I am a pharmacist by profession. When I started with my affiliate marketing business, I knew nothing about website building or anything internet business related.

      Today, I am earning a passive income online as a result of their training, support, and tools. You do not have to stress if you do not have online marketing experience. This platform is perfect for newbies.

      Let me know if you need any help getting started. 

      Here is a link to sign up for aFREE WEALTHY AFFILIATE account.

      Wish you everything of the best.




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