My review of Affiliorama, is it legit or not?

Name: Affilorama

Website URL:

Price: $1 Thirty  Day Trial, followed by $67 Premium Membership(Monthly)

Owner: Mark Ling

Overall Rating: 85 out of 100


Affilorama – An Introduction

Affilorama is an online training platform, that is designed to teach you how to become a successful affiliate internet marketer.

It consists of training, videos, and lessons to take one through the process of becoming an affiliate.

It is the brainchild of Mark Ling. During his days in college, he worked as a pizza delivery boy but this changed when he and a friend began selling ads on his website.

This business took off pretty well and launched him into the world of earning online. He has become very respectable and widely known in this field.

Affilorama has been around for long and its membership options do vary. More about this later. I will also be chatting about the various “upsells” that are included in this program.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Affilorama


  • Free Starter Memberships for the first 7days, to get to view the basics of the program
  • Access to educational tools and lessons
  • The owner is respected within this industry
  • Access to an online community


  • There are various membership plans that are available which makes it a little confusing as to which one to choose from.
  • Some training aspects are outdated and may not be as effective today.
  • Most of your support is via a delegated team. This may not make it as personal for some people.
  • There are additional expenses later on and “upsells” that can make this a costly affair.


Is AFFILORAMA for everyone?

This program is for anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing. There is no need to have previous experience or knowledge to begin this course.

Essential topics from what is affiliate marketing, content creation, to site building and SEO, are all here to get you started on becoming an affiliate.

Let’s Take a Look at the TRAINING that AFFILIORAMA offers

The training that you get depends primarily on the level that you are on.

The Starter Membership offers you lessons which are broken down into sub-sections.

The Affilorama Premium Membership gives you access to more training modules. In addition, you get access to the Bootcamp videos as well.

Then there is the Affilorama Blueprint option which gives you access to an exclusive website theme called Affilotheme as well as training on the building of this site.

What about the Support if you are ever in a JAM?

Basic queries that you may have, are sorted out by the community members. The more technical problems are directed to the support team.My Review of Affilorama

I have had the opportunity to notice, that on one or more occasions, the queries were left hanging for a while till someone helped out the member.

So support in this regard may definitely be available but may not always be timeously given.

I have not had the pleasure of witnessing any query or problem being dealt with directly by Mr. Mark Ling. I stand to be corrected on this, as this is just what I have seen.

With all due respect, I am sure that he is a very busy man and has his plate full already.

Furthermore, there are forums and blogs that are taking place within the community. So, this avenue can also be utilized to get your problem sorted.

The Price Options

As mentioned above, there are different levels to choose from. Here they are in more detail.

The AFFILORAMA PREMIUM(Cost Initially $1, for the first month, followed by $67.00 monthly)

This includes access to the training, videos, blogs, forum, support, and hosting. In addition, there is a bonus blog along with the boot camp videos.

As mentioned in the cons above, I found some of the training to be outdated. Here are two flaws that I picked up.

Keyword research. When you are building up your site and adding content, you would want to be ranked high in Google.


So that your site can get the necessary exposure and this traffic ultimately leads to conversions( i.e. sales). Though keywords are necessary to be included in your content, to get ranked, it is by no means the most crucial of elements.

Since the algorithm of Google has changed to the Hummingbird, less emphasis is now placed on keyword density for efficient SEO(Search Engine Optimization). (This simply means to get your article highly favored by Google)

The training here emphasizes that keywords should be used 5times. This is not TRUE, sometimes you can get ranked without even using any keyword. It’s all about offering high quality, engaging and helpful content to the readers.

Check out this article, if you would like to have a quick lesson on Usage of keywords.

2. Outsourcing Content

I agree with the idea of outsourcing of content. However, from what I have been taught, it should only come later on when your site already has built up enough content and got some decent traffic.


Because, once your site is built up and you are getting traffic, then you know that the formula is working. You also would have a better idea of what is popular and can offer it to them in the bucket loads.

This is when you can then go to get your content outsourced.

Does this make sense?

Having talked about the premium membership, there are other “upsells” as well. To be honest with you, I think everything should be included in the $67.00 membership fee.

I pay much less and get all of this and more, to get me onto the track on becoming an affiliate marketer.Check out my #1ranked program.


As you progress through the starter lessons, you will come across the lesson on site building. I was interested to see how one would go about building their actual website.

One is directed to Dreamweaver to complete the purchase of a website.

As you would guess there are various options to choose from here as well.

The basic website with the minimal features would cost you around $19.99 per month. if you want the popular option, then you looking at around $49.99 per month.

I started my training with 2 FREE WEBSITES, on the free membership option of an awesome training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. By lesson 4 of this program, I already had my niche website up and running.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner

Here are some of the upsells

Affilorama Blueprint( Costs $197)

This is the system that Mark Ling has built over 14years as an affiliate marketer. This package includesMy Review of Affiliorama

  • 90+ Step by step Video lessons
  • Downloadable lessons and course notes
  • Members Forum
  • Bonus : Affilotheme Website Builder
  • Bonus : 1 year web hosting for 1 website
  • Bonus : 1 month trial of the Affilorama Premium

Notice the premium package is a trial to you for only one month. That means, that if you want the additional help and support, you will have to pay the additional $67.


At the time, this option was currently unavailable to the public.

Please do note, that this package is offered to you with a 60-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Affilotheme($97)My Review of AffiloramaUsing the WordPress Content management system, which is one of the most popular ones out there, Affilorama created a customizable website theme called the Affilotheme.

The price of $97 includes

  • The Full Affilotheme WordPress theme
  • Affilotheme Training Videos
  • Access to the Private Members Only Forum
  • Custom Graphics Creator tool
  • 12 Month Web Hosting

As you can see that the Premium membership is your starting point. If you decide to go for the additional offerings, then you will be looking at paying more money.

Should you decide to go with everything, then total expenditure would be around $294 + $67(monthly premium membership).

This is something that one should consider before taking on the program.


My Final Opinion of Affiliorama

I think that the training and tools on offer here are solid. The company and its founder do have a good reputation.The program is certainly legit.

I am, however, not fond of the various upsells and options. It can make one confused as to where to go or what to buy.

Since I have some knowledge and training, I do feel some things can leave the newbie feeling a little overwhelmed with the way these lessons are laid out.

I got so used to other services, such as  Live chats, private messaging and open classrooms in my training platform, that personally, I feel alone when I am at Affilorama.

Though there is a community, I find it somewhat less “interactive.”

Before one decides to join, one should first consider the cost implications.

Summary of Product

Name of Product: Affilorama

Website Url:

Owner: Mark Ling

Overall Rating: 85 out of 100

Verdict: LEGIT My Review of Affilorama








Thank you for reading my review of Affiliorama. Hope it has helped you.

Should you have any comments or would like to ask something, please use the comment box below.

Till next time, see you around.







12 thoughts on “My review of Affiliorama, is it legit or not?”

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  2. I’m amazed at the number of affiliates out there. Because of this it’s hard knowing which one to choose. Then when you do choose it you don’t know if what you’re getting will really work or if it’s legitimate.

    There is also the cost. It seems most of them offer an initial free or $1 membership but then after that there’s a cost. A somewhat minimal cost but a cost nonetheless.

    Affiliorama is one I would most likely stay away from after reading your review because they don’t have the help that I would need to be successful. It’s great to get an answer when you need it and not have to wait.

    Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Rawl

      Yes, this is my point. With so many companies coming up, the person becomes overwhelmed and is left with the single most important question, “Who do I trust.?”

      There are legit companies such as Wealthy Affiliate that allows one to see and experience the inner workings of the companies before you even decide to take out your credit card.

      This shows you that they are confident in what they offer and got nothing to loose. Its sad that not everyone are along the same path. Vigilance is the key to prevent one from falling prey to these schemes.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  3. Hello
    I like your post. You really did a thorough job on your review post. I will be so happy to finally make a little money to show for my hard work LOL.
    Take care and I wish you lots of success with your online business.

  4. Thanks for sharing this revue. You did a great job of explaining the many aspects of the company. I agree that the upsells can be an issue. Especially for new students on internet marketing. They usually have very little idea as to what’s a needed purchase and what isn’t. Therefore, they are an easy sell and can end up buying all sorts of stuff that they don’t really need. I’ve never heard of Affiliorama but thanks again for writing this review. It’s always good to stay informed.

    • Hi Kelara

      These days, its about looking for value for money. Whilst, I do not dispute that this is a reasonable program, there are better platforms that offer much more, and at a better price.

      As in the case of students and the older folks, as you said, they need to be exposed to these programs, so that they can concentrate soley on building a solid business and worry less about the money or costings involvled.

      Glad you have kept you in the loop.

      Take Care


  5. Nice review, there are so many companies out there that offer training into affiliate marketing these days it’s hard to work out which are good and which are not. I like the fact that this one is free to trial but the monthly cost seems high. The extras also look a little expensive – especially the web theme when you can get some great paid for themes at half the price. The upsells seem to be aimed at newbies who then don’t know if they require that additional package or not. Would much prefer an all in price where I am not greeted with upsells part way through a training programme

    • Hey Evie

      Affiliate Marketing is gaining much popularity these days as people are looking for an income stream that can be built by them and will become financially stable enough to sustain them and their families in the long run.

      As such, you get many Teaching and training platforms out there to satisfy the need. Some much more better and superior than others.

      One needs to look at the costing’s involved and as you had mentioned, if one is new to this, they would NOT know what really is value for money.

      I too, would prefer something that tells you straight forward of all the expenses that will be incurred on my part rather than having to find out about the upsells later on. And let me tell you, that such a training programme does exist.



  6. I have heard of affilorama before but found their prices to be a little high for me. Also the structuring of their packages to be confusing. It is good to know that there is a trial period, even if it is for a dollar, that’s quite cheap. As some of the training is outdated then I think I will pass on this one. Thank you very much for the review. It was most helpful.

    • Hey Owain

      Sorry for the late reply. Its was my birthday celebration yesterday and I guess that I partied too much.

      I think a trial offering, is certainly a good sign that a company is willing to let you see what they are all about.

      Glad that I could help, at the end of the day, its what resonates with you that is important.

      Take Care



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