Is Zilis a Scam?[CBD Oil MLM Review, Just a Waste of Time Or NOT?]

Hi and welcome to my Zilis review. The Zilis business is advertised as the "fastest-growing hemp CBD company in America." The Cannabis industry is a multi-million dollar market with experts predicting that it will reach the $700 million mark this year 2020.

Does this mean that you should join the Zilis CBD company? Is it really worth your while to join or is Zilis a scam?


Thanks for taking the time in doing your research before you go all-in on this opportunity. I have joined multi-level marketing businesses before, as well as tested out a host of other make money online opportunities. 

It is my hope that this review will help you to make an informed and confident decision on whether or not the Zilis business opportunity is for you.

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NAME OF COMPANY: Zilis Direct Sales 

OWNERS:  Steven and Angie Thompson.


PRICE TO JOIN : $99 to sell the Zilis products. From $199 up to $1,299 to participate in the Zilis Compensation plan.

WHAT IS ABOUT?: Zilis is a network marketing that has products that are focused on the 'nutrition' and 'health' niche. 

Its flagship products contain Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil. The products are exclusive to Zilis Ambassadors. The company, therefore, relies on its members to promote its brand and products.

In exchange, members will be rewarded with commissions, bonuses, and other incentives.



According to the official Zilis website, "Zilis" means ‘multiplying nutrition’ in Swahili.

The company, however, is not 100% focused on the 'nutrition' niche. In other words, you are not going to be buying multivitamins, and nutritional supplements from them.

If you are interested in learning about networking marketing companies that sell these sorts of products, then please feel free to check out my review of The Aim Companies and Juice Plus MLM.

Zilis, on the other hand is a company that sells hemp-derived CBD products. They have other products that are hemp-free as well but I will chat more about that later on. 

In this section just know that the company was founded back in 2015 by husband-wife duo, Steven and Angie Thompson. 

Who are the owners of the Zilis company

Zilis works on the direct sales marketing concept. This simply means that you cannot purchase any of their products in regular stores. The company relies on its members or better-called Ambassadors to help build the brand and in return, the company awards them commissions, bonuses, and incentives.

 I will also get into more detail on their compensation plan soon.

Let's take a look at their product line, shall we?


What is the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD oil?

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the Hemp plant. As such it has very low concentrations of CBD or cannabidiol.

This is why it is better suited for purposes such as :

  • Cooking Oil,
  • Bio-diesel fuels,
  • Manufacturing of lotions, soaps,superfood powders, and
  • moisturizers.

CBD Oil, on the other hand, is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant.

Compared to hemp oil, it has 150 parts of CBD. It has more medicinal properties than Hemp Oil and unlike marijuana, it has way less THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. 

That means that it does not have the intoxicating side effects.

The Zilis product line features hemp-derived CBD products as well as products that are completely hemp free.

They have the water dispersal, full-spectrum CBD Oil that comes in three different variants. 

These variants are the :

  • UltraCELL,
  • UltraCBG,
  • UltraCELL topical

Then they have the Ultra Boosters which completely hemp free. They come in four different variants and helps in areas of sleep, alertness, homeostasis and weight loss.

These variants are the :

  • UltraBURN,
  • UltraICE,
  • UltraEDGE, and
  • UltraDREAM

Take a look at this short video, to see what it's all about


In our bodies, we have what is called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system communicates with every system in our body, right down to the cellular level.

The main function of this ECS system keeps the body in optimal check and make sure that all is in balance.

The main fuel of the ECS is our very own cannabinoids that we make from the nutrients that we take in.

If we do not get adequate nutrients, then we cannot make the cannabinoids and as a result, our bodies go into a state of disharmony, or imbalance. 

We start feeling sick or get pain and so forth.

This is where the hemp plant can provide us with the cannabinoids that our bodies can use to convert to fuels for the ECS.

When you see formulations that are labeled as Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, it means that they are using the entire plant.

As I mentioned earlier, CBD is from this plant along with hundreds of other cannabinoids that occur naturally.

According to their official website, Zilis markets Ultracell, one of their flagship products as been :

  • Organically sourced
  • Highly bioavailable
  • non-GMO.

I have read some of the independent Zilis distributors hailing Ultracell as having, "the highest absorption of any CBD Hemp oil on the planet."

Is it really worth it to buy their products?


Since the Zilis products are only available through contact with a Zilis ambassador, one can be certain that their prices will not be cheap.

In fact, from my experience of having reviewed MLM companies, most of their product lines are higher than what one would find in non-MLM companies.

Take a look at my review of other CBD MLM companies such as Hempworx and CTFO.

And to give you an idea, let us do a quick price comparison.

The wholesale price of Ultracell is $99.99. The Zilis Ultracell delivers around 16.67mg/ml of CBD per serving.

If one were to take a look at a competitor such as the one pictured below....

Zilis Review Are Zilis Products really worth your time

As you can see, one is getting more CBD per serving, 33mg compared to 16.67 mg for $40 less.

I learned that one of the criteria that you need to look out for when selecting CBD products, is the presence of 'third-party' testing. To confirm that the company in question does, in fact, have verified third party testing done on their products.

Both of the companies have third party testing. I believe that Zilis has a Medical Advisory Board as well. 

However, despite everything, it is still more expensive as expected.

I only bring this up, as folks out there do their research. These days if people are already used to a specific brand, or can get quality at a more affordable price they will take that option.

This can be a challenge to you if you are thinking of building your own Zilis business.

Bottom line: If you simply want to try CBD oil out, then you can source it from alternative suppliers.

If on the other hand, you want to get into the Zilis business, then it would be a good idea to buy from them. To have the first-hand experience before you go out marketing the product.

Speaking of which, how can you make money with Zilis. 

Let me show you in the next section.


The Zilis Compensation plan is a bit complicated.I will do my best to make it simple to understand.

1.Earning without Any Recruiting

There are two main ways in which you can earn without having to recruit anyone to the Zilis business opportunity.

These are : 

  • Retail Profits, and
  • Fast Start Bonus

The retail profits are earned when you sell Zilis products to customers. The fast start bonuses are earned when you get any customers to purchase either a bronze, silver or gold enrollment pack.

Zilis review the zilis fast start bonus

To join as a basic retail only ambassador the cost is $99 per year.

The rest of the compensation plan revolves around your efforts on recruiting and therefore the effective building of your downline.

2.Earning by Recruiting

  • Binary Team Builder
  • Infinity Bonuses
  • Generational Bonuses
  • Blessing Bonus
  • Jeep Bonus
  • Healthcare Bonus
  • Global Bonus Pool

The Zilis Binary Team Builder works on a 20% payout of the lesser side volume(LSV) of your 'left and right side legs' of your network.

You get paid on a weekly basis. Every time you enroll a new Ambassador and they purchase an enrollment pack, or they upgrade, it gets assigned to your one of your 'legs.'

You have to achieve a minimum of 300 BV on each leg, to qualify for a binary commission.

To qualify for an Infinity Fast Start Bonus, you have to be on that rank which your team member has advanced to.

These are the various ranks according to their comp.plan

  • Associate
  • Community
  • City
  • Area
  • Regional
  • National
  • Presidential
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Black Diamond

A Generational Bonus  is worked out on all the product volume generated up to six generations of your organization. The percentage that you earn is dependent on which rank you are at the time.

Is Zilis a Scam this is how the generational bonus work

You can qualify for a Blessing Bonus if you attain the City Ambassador rank or higher. Zilis rewards you with $100 per month and it will increase up to $400 per month as you ascend the ranks of the company.

The idea behind the Blessing Bonus is to "perform selfless acts of kindness," by using the money to uplift someone's life or a charity of your choice.

Zilis rewards you with health insurance reimbursements up to $1500 per month. You need to be on the Regional Ambassador level or higher to qualify. 

These are the reimbursements per ranking level :

  • Regional Ambassador: $500
  • National Ambassador: $750
  • Presidential Ambassador: $1,000
  • Diamond Ambassador: $1,250
  • Double Diamond and Above: $1,500

The Zilis Jeep program is an incentive reward offered to Ambassadors who achieve and maintain the position of Area Ambassador or above in the Zilis Compensation Plan. 

With the Jeep bonus, you can go for a Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Cherokee.

You can earn a percentage of the company profits via the Global Bonus Pool. Two percent of all generational volume is shared by qualified Regionals, Nationals, and Presidentials. Earnings are paid in direct proportion to the overall contribution of your sponsor tree team.

This basically summarizes the Zilis Compensation plan. There are more details to each of these payment methods. I tried to give you a basic idea of what one has to do, to earn with the Zilis company.

NOTE: The one thing that I noticed is that to earn commissions, you have to maintain active Ambassador status. For instance, if you want to earn a Fast Start Bonus, you have to have 50 PV Autoship or 75 PV from the current or previous monthly period from your own and your retail customer’s orders.

Basically, this means you have to ensure that a minimum amount of products are purchased on a monthly basis.


To join as a Full Ambassador, you would need to take out either a Bronze, Silver or Gold membership. 

With each membership, you get a certain amount of products that you either use for yourself or sell for a retail profit.

How much does it cost to become a Zilis Ambassador?

  • Bronze Zilis Ambassador Membership : $199
  • Silver Zilis Ambassador Membership : $599
  • Gold Zilis Ambassador Membership : $1,299

Is it really worth it to join the Zilis Company? Is Zilis a scam, or should you invest your hard-earned money into this business? 

Before I help you with an answer, let me give you a breakdown of the pros and cons of Zilis.


They keep the pubic regularly updated. They have a social media following on various networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I like the fact that they keep members informed on the latest company news and product updates.

The company offers various training webinars such as Freedom Calls, Opportunity Calls, and Fast Track Launch training. As an ambassador, you get access to National Presentation teams.

They have a pay it forward program.


You cannot order directly from the company website. You have to first register with a Zilis Ambassador before placing an order.

This is not a global business opportunity. At the time of writing this post, Zilis only operates within the United States. They have however started the process of opening a business within the European markets. Even if that is the case, it still means that this is not an opportunity open to everyone.

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The company does not have a detailed income disclosure statement.

Their compensation plan is complicated.

You have to do lots of recruiting.The major incentives such as the Jeep bonus and other big commissions payouts are dependent on your recruiting ability. In other words, the more successful you are at recruiting, the more money you make.

Their membership options are expensive.


Is Zilis a legitimate company?

 I think that Zilis is legit. They scored a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau(BBB). Though most of the comments on the BBB site are complaints rather than compliments.

Nevertheless, they are fairly active on social media channels and have a decent member base. 

I do not think that the company is out there to rip you off. However, whilst this is all good, at the end of the day it is about YOU. 

Is it Zilis for you? Should you sign up with the Zilis CBD Oil MLM Company?

To help you to come to a decision, here are the main points that I think you need to consider. Especially if you are considering building your own business.

On the positive side, there is an ongoing interest in the CBD MLM business. Google trends show that over time it has ups and down.

Zilis review how does cbd oil do with google trends

There is a slight decline in the end. I think that this could be because of the holiday period. Kicking off after the festivities, I hope that the interest would rise again. 

The other positive is that the company is relatively new. You can still get in, before it gets to a saturation point, or becomes a household name. 

On a not so good note, there are many other reputable CBD businesses out there. Competition is rife.

Added to that, not all states or areas allow the sale of these products. These factors could make building your business a bit challenging.

At the end of the day, Zilis is a direct sales marketing company. That means that your success is dependent on how well you recruit folks to the business. 

The interesting part is that the company is unable to show you how well the existing members are performing. There are no detailed income disclosure statement. 

Is Zilis a scam? What is the average gross income for a Zilis distributor

According to the official Zilis website,  "the average annual gross income for Direct Sales distributors is less than $300. "

This says much about the future of an Ambassador. To me, it means that your earning potential is low. Added to that, it costs more to join the company, than it is to earn revenue from it.

Unless they can show that a significant number of folks are making a decent enough return on their investment, I think that one needs to be careful before signing up

That is my opinion. 


Where do you go from here? If you like the recruiting business model, then perhaps you can give Zilis a go.

What if you do not like recruiting?

I personally suck at it. I think that one of my most ill memories of having joined a network marketing company is of me having lost some really close family members. I went crazy on the recruiting side, and in the process, these family members cut off all ties with me.

I am not saying that it will happen to you. Just sharing my experience of joining a direct sales company.

Today I earn money online through a completely different model. One that gives me the flexibility, to work on my own hours. One that allows me to build a business on my own passion or interest.

It's called affiliate marketing.

 I started four and a half years ago. I came from the health field, so I knew nothing at all about this online business concept.

So, affiliate marketing is newbie-friendly. 

Since you have been with me till the end of this article, I would like to make a pact with you.

Let me help you build your own online business. Let me help you to get started with creating your own passive income online. If you are going to learn to make money, then I would like it to be with me.

So, go ahead and click on the link below, and I will show you more and take you through the process of getting started.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Zilis review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

I promise to get back back to you as soon as I can.

Regards and Take Care


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