Is the Rolex Cash System a Scam or not? Read this NOW to Find Out

Name of Product: Rolex Cash System

Price: $10Is the Rolex cash System a Scam

Owner Lucas Adam

Overall Rank: 1 out 10

What is the Rolex Cash System?

With such a catchy name, this system is bound to attract people’s attention. You probably visiting this review as a result of seeing it advertised within the Facebook ADS.

From his enticing marketing phrase,” Turn $10 into $10 000 in just 7days!” what else is there to Lucas Adam’s Rolex Cash System?

Is the Rolex Cash System a scam or not?

Boasting an almost “autopilot” blueprint way of earning and needing no experience whatsoever, the Rolex Cash System, is certainly something that warrants a much closer look.

Lets start by checking out its Pros and Cons…

The Pros and Cons of the Rolex Cash System


  • No Experience Needed
  • Cheap Entry Price


  • No Solid Product or System Framework
  • Little or No Support
  • No Training or Tools
  • No Trial

Who is the Rolex Cash System for?


The system claims that no experience is needed. If you visit the homepage, you will find that you need NOT worry about doing any of the things listed belowIs the Rolex Cash System a SCAMThat’s great! But what actually do you have to do to earn? Surely one cannot just sit and expect cash to fall from the sky?

There must be some training or tools to get you started off within the Rolex Cash System?

The Training and Tools of the Rolex Cash System

I figured that the best way to find out more about this ‘mystery system,’  is  to sign up.

There is a $10 sign up fee, so I went ahead and this is what happened…Is the Rolex Cash System a scam

It’s offline, the payment gateway is unavailable.

Can you believe it? These guys are actually saying  NO to my money?

What about the Support at Rolex Cash System?

No much can be said here either. Mr Anton makes it very clear in his disclaimer that as result of being inundated with the membership enrolments, he is unable to provide his 100% attention to each and every person.

He further goes on to imply that once the threshold level of membership has been reached, he will not be able to further any more communication from Rolex Cash System.Is the Rolex Cash system a Scam*Notice the errors in grammar !

The Price

The entry level price is only $10.

Despite there being a ‘Money Back Guarantee,’ I would suggest against paying that fee.

As you have seen earlier on, when I tried to pay, I just got booted out!. So don’t waste any more of your precious time.

My Final Opinion of the Rolex Cash System

Can you convert “$10 into $10 000 in Just 7days?’

If that were the case, “Rolex Cash System,” would be making headlines globally. Everyone would be doing it and talking about it.

It’s definitely something that is NOT worth one’s time or money. I have always maintained that there is no FREE lunch when building a business of your own, be it an online or offline one.

No significant and long lasting rewards will come to you without any effort, hard work and invested time.

This opportunity, is appealing to your emotions , that “you can get rich quickly.”  To be honest with you, it’s a downright lie.

  1. It’s going take away $10 bucks from your account,
  2. It has the potential of putting malware(malicious software) on your computer, which could be far more devastating (that’s if you are successfull in passing the payment gateway and giving them your email address).

Verdict : Not LegitIs the Rolex for Cash a scam


There are tons of scams like these around and I have covered a couple of them on my site (please refer to the BAD STUFF section within the Main Menu). I have also chatted about some tips on how avoid these scams.

Equally, I have written about legit opportunities that are worthwhile looking at. As with everything in life, there is good , you just have to sift through the bad ones to find it….

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Is the Rolex Cash system a scam? What do you think? Hope that this review helped you in making a decision about these guys.

Got something on your mind or would like to know more about Affiliate Marketing?

No problem, just drop me a comment below or message me using the Contact Me page, and I will get back to you.

Everything of the best.

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8 thoughts on “Is the Rolex Cash System a Scam or not? Read this NOW to Find Out”

  1. Hi Roopesh, now a days, there are many online scams working everywhere and it is difficult to trace them every time. And these scams can easily trap innocent people.

    Thanks for coming up with such a site and assisting people like me who are looking for an online source of income.
    All the best.

    • Hello Sangeeta

      Indeed, they are marketing themselves so well, to make it appear that they are the genuine article, but there a couple of giveaways that one should spot to pick up these scams.

      Glad that this article helped you and I will continue to expose not only the scams but the legit products out there. There are some amazing business opportunities and people need to know about them as well.



  2. Hi Roopesh-

    Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that you were not able to get through with the Rolex Cash System… which would have allowed you to elaborate further about the program. Nonetheless, you did an incredible job researching the product and sharing your thoughts. I’m sure that the initial $10 payment is a segway to various upsales along the way, coming highly recommended for the success of the program.

    I also agree that anything that comes with an almost “autopilot” blueprint is indeed a recipe for disaster, and I totally stay away from these type of programs. It’s unfortunate that a lot of newbies will succumb to a lot of these enticing offers and spend an exponential amount of money before they realize that work has to be put in before reaching any kind of success. Hopefully articles like yours will be more enticing!! Would you ever consider giving the Rolex Cash System another shot just out of curiosity?


    • Hi Mark

      Yes, I too was disappointed that I could not test the system right through. I certainly would give it a go again. If I come right then I will definitely be updating this post.

      Yes, opportunities that imply an “easy” way to earn money are opportunities that should signal warning bells. They usually have very little to offer and do NOT stand the test the time as far building as real business is concerned.

      Thanks for stopping by



  3. Oh dear! Well first of all thank you for sharing this system with us. When I first started reading your article I thought it was going to be a scam. However it seems that we don’t know what it is! I can’ believe that the owners of this system have let it go offline! It makes me wonder how many people are actually trying to get access to this system! The cheap entry price will no doubt encourage a lot of people. But for the owner to basically say sorry I cant help you because I’m getting so many requests for help is really, really shoddy! But thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Andrew

      Glad that this review helped you.Yes, sometimes things may seem too good to be true, until one decides to dig deeper into the situation.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Take Care


  4. Hi Roopesh,

    Thanks for making this scam (yes I believe that it is a scam after reading your post) known for other people out there, even though you could not gather the ‘insider’ information for us.

    With the cheap entry price, most of the people will be tempted from it, but $10 is still $10, and every single dollar that we spent on scams could be better spent elsewhere in bettering our lives.

    The way he put his point across, in my eyes, is plain rude, and I will not even consider working with such a partner even if it is true, not to include the grammatical + spelling error that totally gave him away lol.

    • Hi Rachel

      You are very welcome.

      Yes $10 is $10. If you had to add an extra $4, you would be able to purchase your very own website domain for a year! This is a step in building your very own online business. All you need is some excellent training, support,help and time and you are away. So, we can actually make some good use of what we have, instead of loosing it to scammers.

      I too did not like the way he addresses people, especially if you intend doing business with them.

      Thanks for stopping by.




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