Is GoCashouts Legit? $250-$500 P/Week? My Honest Review!

Welcome to my GoCashouts review. Is the GoCashouts app legit or can you really make money with it? Some developers claim that their apps can help you to make some good money online, but there is a catch!

And you know what one of the catches is? 

It might be free to download to your iPhone or Android. However, in order to make the money, you would have to make a purchase. It's a bit of a sneaky move, right?

Why advertise it as a free way to make money online in the first place, when in the end you actually have to spend money? 

Is GoCashouts one of those misleading make-money-online apps? or is it the real deal?

Let me help you to decide if GoCashouts is your go-to app for making money online.


Gocashouts picture

Creator : Unknown

Price to join : FREE

Do I recommend it? No

GoCashouts is a reward site. You earn commission by completing tasks. You also can earn via their affiliate program.

The main problem with GoCashouts is that they have poor reviews from previous users. There are no REAL owners, and they have fake testimonials.

It might be FREE to join, and the tasks are relatively easy to do.

However, in my opinion, it will be a waste of your time. You have to work really hard to reach their high payment limit. And there is no guarantee that they will pay.

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From the official website, you can get paid from :

  • Installing an app,
  • Answering surveys,
  • Performing small duties(they do not specify what these duties are)
  • inviting friends to download the app(via their affiliate program)

Basically, GoCashouts is a get-paid-to initiative. You get paid for the work(or tasks) that you do.

Get-paid-to websites are not new. They have been around for a while. Some of them last longer than others. 

I have reviewed some of these get-paid-to websites that are still operating at the time of writing this review. 

Here are some of them below 

But on the other hand, there are many of these sites that existed for just a short while and then they vanish without a trace.

That is the major drawback of signing up to these sorts of platforms. Why waste your time then, and go through the hassle of doing them?

You can safeguard yourself against these mediocre apps, by knowing what red flags to look out for. Does GoCashouts have any red flags?

Read on and I will tell you.


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It's pretty simple. The main requirement is that you would need a smartphone. 

You need a stable internet connection. Simply download the official app, and you are good to go!

The app is free to download.


There are two main ways in which you can earn using the app.

The first is by completing various tasks. Apparently, you can earn anywhere between $25 and $75 per task.

The second way to earn is by inviting others. With your unique referral link, you can invite family and friends to join Gocashouts. For every referral that signs up, they will credit your account with $15.


GoCashouts scored a pretty low rating on a 3rd party review site called

They scored 1.8 out of five stars. 

GoCashouts scored a very poor rating with

92% of the folks were not happy at all with using the application.

Some of the main complaints were 

  • Poor support
  • Failure to honor payouts to members
  • They ask you to recruit but do not pay out referral commissions where due
  • Automatic closure of accounts without any warning

What about the testimonials on the actual website?

The testimonials are not clear and detailed. If you take a closer look it's just random images of dollar amounts. The names of the users have been blurred out. 

Gocashouts testimonials are not very clear

Whether they are vague or not, I will prove to you that the testimonials are fake or have no merit.

Take a look at the next section.


Firstly let me show you when the actual domain of was created.

When the site was created

From the Whois information, it's clear that the site name came into operation on 18th August 2020.

Yet what is so interesting, is they are posting testimonial proofs that date back to June 2020. testimonials are fake

How is it possible for one to get paid from a site, if it still had not come into existence?

Does it make any sense at all?

So, is Gocashouts legit? Let's take a look at some of the red flags.


RED FLAG NR.1 : No Real Owner

The only communication that I have received from the company is from a certain Joyce Evans.

Gocashouts is a scam. who is the founder of

Apparently, she is the accounts manager for GoCashouts.

However, the site has no info as to who the real owners are.

RED FLAG NR.2 : Paid $46,000+ to its Members

The site claims that they have paid out their members over $46, 214. There are no REAL payment proofs on the site to justify this claim.

RED FLAG NR.3 : The Site Leeches Off Unauthorized Affiliation with reputable companies

Gocashouts has misleading marketing by claiming to be affiliate partners with well known brands

They claim to be in partnership with reputable brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Norton.

This is baiting.

They capitalize on the fact that since you trust these brands, you would be more likely to join them.

RED FLAG NR.4 :,, and are ALL THE SAME!

All three of these domains are the exact company. All of these offer you the same $25 free bonus as bait to join.

You know what happens after that.

RED FLAG NR.5 : Very High Payment Threshold

You can only cash out when you reach a $250 threshold. I think for a get-paid-to website, it's pretty high.


Given the fact that they use fake testimonials, there are no real owners, and tons of customer complaints, I would not recommend this get-paid-to website.

The tasks may be easy to do, and the $25 sign-up bonus can be tempting to signing-up.

But as you have seen you would have to work hard and reach a high limit, before cashing out. And when it comes to claiming your money, there are no guarantees that you will get it.

In my opinion, is a site that makes money via the CPA Model.

What is CPA Marketing?

Cost Per Action marketing is a style of affiliate marketing that offers a commission to the affiliate when a specific action is complete.

As a CPA affiliate, you do not need someone to necessarily buy anything to earn a commission. Prospects just have to do simple actions such as watching a video, or filling out a form using their e-mail, or getting a quote.

And essentially that is what's going on with You are completing tasks, and they get paid for any offer that you sign-up for.

Earlier on, I mentioned that many get-paid-to sites have shut down. And here are some of them that are longer in existence :

There are legit sites that pay such as TreasureTrooper that you can join. However, the pay per task is extremely small. You can earn money with this site, but it's not going to be life-changing or enough to quit your job.

If you want to earn real money online, then you need to invest your time into learning the skills to build your own online business.

The good news is that you can do this whilst you have a 9-5 or have other commitments in your life. You can start also if you are a complete newbie to the world of online business.

In fact, that is how I got started five years ago when I was working my day-job as a pharmacist. You can read my story here.

The key to starting an online business is to have the right training, skills, and most importantly the support to help you on your journey. 

You need to join a  business teaching platform that has got a proven-track record of success, and has been around for long time. 

I would recommend you check out the Nr.1 Recommended Business Teaching Platform for Newbies to help you start your own online passive income business.

Thanks so much for joining me on this review.

Have you tried get-paid-to websites before? What was your experience like?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards and Take Care




Customer Support


Proof of Earnings


Passive Income Potential


Start Up-Costs



  • Free To Join


  • No Support
  • No Real Testimonials
  • Lots of Complaints
  • High Payment Threshold
  • No Real Owner

4 thoughts on “Is GoCashouts Legit? $250-$500 P/Week? My Honest Review!”

  1. I have seen this website somewhere on social media and from what I could tell, it’s not worth the time nor it is available in all countries, which is a big downfall for a business if they’re not keeping in mind other countries. From your review I can confirm that it is indeed a waste of time and energy. 

  2. I am impressed how much our perspective can change about a site. When I first heard about GoCashouts I thought they were pretty cool. But now I feel they suck. Their reviews on Trustpilot are horrible. And I hate to see unauthorized affiliations with reputable companies. I’ll just walk away from these guys.

  3. I love the way you described the app – a mediocre app. A system with such an high cash out of $250 is obvious not ready to pay your earnings. Like you mention, they stay o. The pretence of downloading a free app, after which they make sales to one. A system that is no transparent in its term is not worth joining. Transparency is very important 

    • You are right. Transparency is important. And sometimes we tend to overlook this important factor and dive all in.

      Thanks so much for stopping by,




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