How Can Pharmacists Work From Home? Is It Possible? Yes!

Would you believe me if I told you that you can make money from home, as a pharmacist? What if I told you that you can earn a passive income online, even whilst doing your normal day job...

Does it sound crazy? How can Pharmacists work from home? Are there online jobs for pharmacists? I am a pharmacist and I am living proof that you can make it happen. I am so excited to show you how, and to help you to get started.


First things first, let us get to know each other, shall we?


My name is Roopesh. I am a pharmacist-turned internet marketer. I live in South Africa. I obtained my B.Pharm degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

I graduated in the year 2000. I remember the time when I had to make a choice as to what I wanted to study. My first choice was actually Commerce. I wanted to become a Chartered Accountant. My second choice was to study Pharmacy.

I was even given a bursary to do CA. I guess you can call it a change of heart... 

Here is a picture of my pharmacy class of 2000. 

how can pharmacists work from home my pharmacy class of 2000

Over the past 19 years, I have had the opportunity to work within the various sectors of pharmacy.

I started off doing my internship and community service for the government, then went on to work for a third-party pharmacy medicine manufacturer and spent the rest of my pharmacy career within the private retail community pharmacy.

I found it most rewarding to work in the community pharmacy. I enjoy speaking to people and socializing, and I guess that is why I never bothered to move elsewhere.

What about you? What sector of pharmacy are you currently working in? Are you enjoying it at the moment? 

Share your story below and let us get to know each other a bit better.

How did I come onto the online world? It was not something that I thought of or considered. I never imagined starting an online venture. To be honest, I had this misconception that everything online, is a scam.

However, I literally had to make changes fast, as my livelihood was hanging in the balance....


6 years ago I had an incident with my hearing that has changed my life. I am permanently deaf in my right ear. I was told that when I was little, I suffered from meningitis which ultimately caused the hearing loss.

For most of my life I have had to rely on the left ear for my day to day communications. I love my music and love going to concerts.

How can pharmacists work from home? Concert caused me to get tinnitus which  means that I had to find a way to make money from home

I had decided to attend a concert of a popular singer, thinking that it would help me to blow off some steam, as I had been going through an immense amount of stress for a few months. Little did I realize that this fateful day was going to change the course of my life in a way that I never expected.

The next day I could hear ringing noises in my ear. Initially, it was not so loud, but it was still bothersome nonetheless. However, as the days went by, the ringing got more louder and intensified, to the point that it affected my day to day conversations and interactions.

It was later diagnosed as chronic tinnitus. Tinnitus is a constant ringing in the ears. I had multiple sounds in my ear simultaneously, from ringing, to whooshing, to droning and cascading noises.

It was crazy, and I started to panic. The reality of not being able to hear clearly again, had started to kick in. To add insult to injury, I further experienced three vertigo attacks, which caused permanent hearing loss. The stress had tipped the scales over!

My career was hanging in the balance. How would I deal with the customers at work? Unfortunately, as much as I did not want it, I had no choice but to purchase a hearing aid.

How can a pharmacist work from home? I had no choice but to buy a hearing aid.

My hearing has never been the same. Music and movies were not enjoyable anymore. At that point, I had to look for something else, another way to make money. 

I needed a back-up plan. What happens should I go completely deaf? This is when my search for finding an alternative way to earn an income, lead me to the world of internet marketing.


I always had the ambition of wanting to earn a passive income. I even went to the point of doing non-pharmacy stuff to achieving this goal.

How to Clothes Online

I spent a considerable amount of my time, energy and money on opportunities such as studying real estate, horse racing (yeap, not one of the best ideas), being an extra in TV commercials, joining MLM'S or Multi-level marketing companies and buying an educational franchise for kids.(You can read my full story here).

Little did I realize that it had to take for my hearing to deteriorate, in order for me to shift my focus and look towards a completely different source- the internet.

On the evening of August 12th, 2015, as I was browsing through FaceBook, I came across an interesting post. A post where I saw some friends bragging about a MLM that they had just joined.

I turned to Google to learn more about this network marketing company. The review article helped me to decide that this was not the right option for me. However, the article did suggest an alternative way to making money. One that did not require recruiting, and this is what captured my interest.

It had to do with a business model called affiliate marketing. No recruiting necessary, no experience needed. You can build a business based on your own passion. The bonus was that they recommended a teaching platform that was free to trial.

At that point, I had nothing to lose. I signed up immediately. I was hooked and within my 6th day, I signed up for their premium membership.

Today, close to 4 years, I do not regret the move.


Affiliate marketing is a commission based business model. Basically, you earn a commission for selling other peoples products or services via your website.

The 3 key components for a successful affiliate marketing business are:

  • The affiliate merchant or vendor,
  • The customer, and
  • Your website.

You start off by choosing a topic for your website. In my case, I decided to build a website on tinnitus.

The goal for my site was to help others who are suffering from tinnitus. I saw it as an opportunity to integrate my pharmacy knowledge and offer my expertise and advice.

The next step, is to partner up with an affiliate merchant. I signed with the Amazon and the eBay affiliate network.

These affiliate networks are the ones who are going to pay you, for promoting their products. Signing up with affiliate networks is free.

The last part, is to get traffic or visitors to your website. This part will take some time. It's all about writing quality and helpful content on a consistent basis. 

So, that's what I did.

When someone is interested in purchasing a product, they will simply click on the affiliate link embedded within your site.

This link will take them to the official Amazon page to complete the transaction. For each successful transaction, you get paid a commission.

That is how affiliate marketing works.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Learn About The Best Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners, CLICK HERE


If you were to look at it closely, you would notice that affiliate marketing is not a foreign concept.

If you are within the retail sector of pharmacy, you are already an experienced 'affiliate marketer'.

Allow me to explain.

Let's say that someone comes up to you needing help for a runny tummy.You would probably advise them to take an anti-diarrhoeal, with some oral hydration sachets. If they are having cramps as well, then you'd probably sell them an antispasmodic too.

In exchange for your knowledge and expertise, you earn a commission or profit on the products that you've sold to them.

The principal is the same with affiliate marketing.

All you have to do, is chose a topic that you are passionate about for your website. Learn the process of writing content, and help people all over the world.This is a formula for online pharmacy jobs.

How can a pharmacist work from home I as a pharmacist have bult an affiliate marketing website

My site, Deal With talks about various medications and their associated side effects that can aggravate tinnitus. I promote certain exercise programs that can help to ease the ringing noises. I write about medical devices that can act as tinnitus maskers. I also recommend vitamin supplementation that I have personally found to be beneficial.

You as a pharmacist, can talk about a range of topics.

You can choose to build your online business on;

  • a certain health condition that may be close to your heart,
  • or have a site dedicated to vitamins, or a certain vitamin (I have a friend who has build a site, talking purely about Magnesium),
  • talking about health and fitness from a pharmacists point of view,
  • getting folks to register with other online pharmacies - these pharmacy networks have their own affiliate program,
  • medical devices- have a site reviewing new medical innovations,
  • weight loss and lifestyle modifications to achieving optimal health, and
  • building a site on complementary medication products.

There are so many avenues that you can take. If you're short on ideas, just Google "pharmacy affiliate programs," and see what comes up.

In fact, here is a neat little trick that I learned. Let's say that you want to build a site to help people with erectile dysfunction. Just type in "erectile dysfunction + affiliate program." into the search bar.

This will allow you to see all the affiliate programs that are available and what their commission payouts are and so forth.

Bottom Line: As a pharmacist you can build an online business. If I can do it, then you can too.


No doubt, when you are starting a new venture, it can be exciting and overwhelming, with some challenges along the way as well.

I would like to share with you 5 challenges that I faced along my journey of becoming an affiliate marketer.

Challenge One: Getting Over The Technical Aspects

At first the thought of physically building a website, registering a domain name and adding content felt a bit intimidating. 

I was a complete newbie at starting my first pharmacy online job and had no idea what a plugin does or how to create menus and so forth. 

Thankfully, the awesome teaching platform that I registered with, had a powerful and easy to use site builder that made the process really simple.

You will have the framework for your website built in under 30 seconds. Check out my YouTube video below.

Challenge Two : Time Management

I think that this was my biggest challenge of them all. I had to juggle between working for a pharmacyfamily life and putting time into my online business.

We all know how long pharmacy hours can be. The cool part about having an affiliate marketing business, is that it's a flexible business model. You can work on it in your own free time.

I used to put in an hour or two when I got back from work.Then wake up a bit earlier and write some content. The important thing to understand is that you are building a business that will have passive income potential.

Don't rush it.

Challenge Three : Waiting For That First Sale

I am not sure if you could classify this as a challenge. Nevertheless, it's a normal feeling to want to know when that first sale is going to happen. I remember checking my stats on a regular basis.

At some point, I wondered if perhaps I am doing the right thing or maybe people did not like my site. These kind of thoughts drove me a bit batty at times.

Then I starting getting organic comments and eventually that sale happened. That was an awesome feeling! 

how can pharmacists work from home. amazon pays me money

Amazon lets you know that you earned commissions

So, trust the process. It works.

Challenge Four : Avoiding The Shiny Object Syndrome(SOS)

Shiny object syndrome is where you fall for programs or systems that promise you overnight fortunes. Some of them are scams and some of them pay pennies in exchange for your precious time.

I fell into the SOS trap.Thankfully I did not lose that much of my money. In fact, if you were to browse this website, you will notice that I exposed many of these programs.

So stay focused and you will be fine.

Challenge Five: Learning SEO

One of the main techniques that I learned to get my content ranked onto Google and other search engines, is SEO or search engine optimization. It's basically a way of optimizing your content by using keywords and other ranking metrics to ensure that people visit your site and your business gets exposure.

Over time, I learned what works and what doesn't. In fact the amazing teaching platform called Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I know.


How will you benefit from having your own affiliate marketing business?

BENEFIT ONE: It Does Not Have To Be Pharmacy Related

You can build a niche on any topic that you like. It does not have to be related to the medical field. You can build an online business on drones, cat toys, collectibles, music, football snack helmets, etc.

The choices are literally endless. Wealthy Affiliate helps you to select a niche if you have no idea as to where to get started.

BENEFIT TWO: You're going to be learning new skills

Knowledge gained is never lost. You will be learning about, SEO, local marketing, video marketing, PPC , e-commerce, Youtube marketing, and so much more.

You can help other folks to build their own website. You can help brick and mortar enterprises to promote their businesses online. You can even start your own online consultancy business. You can build yourself more than one website business too.

Once you know what works, it's simply a matter of duplicating the process. For instance, I have this website passive income for all and built an eCommerce site selling personalized storybooks.

The choice is yours.

BENEFIT THREE: Your business is open 24 hours a day and is mobile.

You can work from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a computer. 

Your business is open for worldwide trade, 24 hours a day.

BENEFIT FOUR: It's Cheaper than a Traditional business.

Compared to your normal brick and mortar enterprise, it's much cheaper to start an online business. You do not have overheads such as rent, salaries, stock outlay or marketing expenses (For marketing, you can get free traffic just by implementing SEO).

You probably have to pay for a domain name which is $14 a year. The other big expense is the training. As far as this training is concerned, you can get started for as little as a price of a cup of coffee a day!

Your biggest expense will be your time. Trust me, if you stick with it, it will be well worth it.

BENEFIT FIVE:  It's Got Huge Passive Income Potential

As time goes on, your site will start to gain authority. Your content will be trusted by search engines.

This means that the earning potential from content that you've written earlier on, will be able to make you money on an ongoing basis.

That is the power of leveraging off quality content. That is passive income.

That means, in time, you can have both time and location freedom.


At this point, you have a pretty good idea of what affiliate marketing is. 

The next question is, how can you start your own pharmacy affiliate marketing business?

I mentioned earlier on, about an online teaching platform called Wealthy Affiliate. They are the ones who have helped me to get started and are still assisting me to this day.  

Wealthy Affiliate started 14 years ago, so it's not something that is a run off the mill. They have top notch training, support and every single tool that you need to make money online.

The best part is that they have a free trial membership which you can join.

>>>Check out what their full course entails and real verified testimonials of Wealthy Affiliate, CLICK HERE<<<


How can pharmacists work from home? Now you know of a way.

I know that it's different. All the great minds of today and of the past have one thing in common. They went against the norm. They tried things differently. They thought out of the box.

“Thinking outside of the box allows you to get rewards outside of your reach.” 
― Matshona Dhliwayo 

It starts with a first step. I know it can be scary, but you will never know until you try. 

By the way, my username is RoopeshG within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 

I will be there to welcome you to WA. >>Sign up here<<

Looking forward to helping you become an online entrepreneur.

Thanks for your time.

I hope that this article has helped you out.

Is there still something that you are not sure about? No problem. Leave your question or comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards and Take Care


11 thoughts on “How Can Pharmacists Work From Home? Is It Possible? Yes!”

  1. What an amazing story you have tell about yourself and your life’s adventure!  This is such an inspirations.

    When one thinks of affiliate marketing one certainly does not think of pharmacists!  Its amazing how many niches there are and how so many can take advantage of the amazing opportunities of affiliate marketing.  I especially appreciated how seamless your transition was from your own story and how you found affiliate marketing.  (I’m REALLY glad you didn’t go into horse racing, my friend – I can only imagine the broken bones!)

    Your story is truly one of inspiration.  So many would have given up after having their career ripped away from them so unexpectedly.  You’re story will inspire and give so many people hope and, hopefully, a new start with affiliate marketing!

    • I agree with you, I am glad that I did not go deeper into horse racing.

      Thanks so much for your words of positivity. I really appreciate it.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. 

      Kind Regards and Take Care


  2. I must say that i am inspired by your story, I haven’t really seen a pharmacist having spare time making money online because of the nature of their jobs, this has really given me a push as an accountant to actually never give up on earning passive income online. Thanks for the motivation, looking forward to learning more from you.

    • I think you can do really well as an accountant. Do not give up. If you reach a hurdle and need some help, just give me a shout.

      Wish you everything of the best in your online ventures.



  3. This article offered a lot of information and was easy to read. If you were to stumble onto this site and you’re not a pharmacist you can still get a lot out of the article when it comes to ways to achieve a passive income. I think the personal story is also works to humanize the site and allows the reader to identify with a life challenge and how affiliate marketing is a solution to that challenge. I was curious as to how you are doing today as far as the hearing loss is concerned and hopefully you have found things that work for you day to day. 

    • Thanks and glad that you found the article helpful.

      As for my hearing, it has stabilized to some extent. I have learned to adapt. I am so grateful to my wife and the rest of my family. They have had to adjust as well.

      Thanks for your concern.

      Really appreciate it.

      Regards and Take Care


  4. Hello

    I’m a beginner in the Wealthy Affiliate platform, in the water treatment. I think that your decision to earn passive income in this way was so right. The result rewarded you. I believe that especially pharmacists have a treasure of knowledge that all other people can’t imagine. 

    My question is how much time do I need in order to earn my passive income. When all this effort I’m doing will have the desired result?

    Thank you for your informative and useful article.


    • Hello Thodoris

      Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.Thanks for your question. It is a fair question and I asked myself that same question when I first signed up.

      How long until you can start earning passive income? It depends on a number of things. The niche that you choose. The amount of content that you are putting out. It depends on how consistent you are.

      I wish that I could give you a time frame, but unfortunately, I cannot. I know that with my site, I made my first sale within the first 7 months. 

      I can tell you that if you follow the training and work on a regular basis, you will get there.

      I wish you everything of the best.

      Oh yes, and when you get your first sale, please let us know.

      Regards and Take Care


  5. Good for you ! This is a great story (including your graduation picture) . I can’t say I have any questions for you about the topic however this is great to learn about a pharmacist making money from the comfort of this own home and still get to do what he enjoys. Sorry to hear about your incident however thankfully you can still enjoy the things you love like your music and listening to your wife. Affiliate Marketing is great and I am happy to read that you still can do what you enjoy through them in the comfort of your own home and make money! 

  6. Your concert speaker story really spoke to me. I burned a small permanent blind spot it one eye watching an eclipse. Momentary lapses in judgement can have permanent consequences.

    But your inspirational story also points out the tremendous opportunities that technology can provide. My former company’s Alpha techie, was paralyzed. He sometimes came in to work in a wheel chair but mostly worked online. Thank to internet his physical location was irrelevant. He was one of our company’s most valuable employees. Had it been 20 years earlier, he would probably have been unemployable.

    Congratulations, on not letting your physical challenge sideline you.

    You do an excellent job of explaining Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing, in general. I am new to it all. I too was amazed that coming into WA a complete neophyte, I was up and running the first day, while still on the free trial. Now I have two sites, both on subjects that I am passionate about. One is about building backyard ponds and water features. I’m retired and living in apartment now, but my blog now allows me to indulge my passion once again. Online blogging has allowed me to overcome my physical limitations. I’m having great conversations with other pond enthusiasts. And pond equipment can be expensive. That first affiliate sale could be a doozy.

    • So sorry to hear about your incident. 

      You right technology can provide us with us some amazing opportunities.They, ave some really sophisticated and amazing hearing aids that I  am looking at purchasing.

      The story of your former companies employee is an inspiration to me. It goes to show that life can throw many curve balls. One moment our health may be fine and the next, things can change.

      I see that you are new, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. Congrats on taking this step.I am happy to see that you are able to build a business around your passion. In that way, you will enjoy what you are doing and it will not seem like a mundane job that you have to do.

      It is fantastic to see that you are able to connect with other pond enthusiasts. I have learned that building bridges within the online business can have some awesome advantages in the long run.

      Hang in there, that first sale will come.

      Cheers and Take Care



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