Dubai Lifestyle App Review. Find out if it is the Real Deal.

Is your search for making money online finally over? Is the Dubai Lifestyle App the answer that you have been looking for?Dubai Lifestyle App Review Will it be the end of all your financial worries?

I must admit the name is catchy. We all know that many folks in Dubai are living it up! From the flashy cars down to the exquisite hotels. Is the founder of this app really sincere in his motives or is there a hidden agenda to it all?

Can you really make $7000 in Just one Day with this app? In the next couple of minutes, I will break things down for you. After reading this Dubai Lifestyle App review, you will know exactly whether this binary option software is really a sound investment or just a ‘shiny object‘ with empty promises.

Let us start by checking out the pros and cons of this app.

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(If you would like to skip this detailed review, you can scroll down to the bottom of this post, whereby the accompanying table gives you a bird’s eye view of how the Dubai Lifestyle App compares to my awesome choice of online business start-ups.)

The Pros and Cons of The Dubai Lifestyle App


  • No Experience Needed


  • No Trial
  • No Training
  • Limited or no Support
  • Misleading Advertising

Who is the Man behind the Dubai Lifestyle App?

If you get a chance to visit the official homepage, you are likely to see a picture of the ‘so-called’ CEO and founder of the Dubai Lifestyle App. I will save you time and put that picture right here below.

Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Quite a pleasant looking guy, don’t you think? Unfortunately, though, this is not the founder. In fact, I don’t know who the real founder is?

What do you mean?

Let me explain. I have done some investigative work and found that the picture used is actually a stock photo. This means that the photo is placed on a stock image website and anyone can use them for their own purpose. Don’t believe me, check out the proof yourself Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Look at how many other websites this very image has been used?

And guess what?

This is results on the first page of Google only! Can you imagine how many more times this image will pop up in the rest of the search results?

And if that was not convincing enough, there was NO corresponding match with the image and name on famous social media platforms either, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Can you even believe this guy’s tale of partnering up with some Tycoon brothers( the ‘Mahmood’s) to create the app? Hence his reasoning for the naming of the app as ‘Dubai Lifestyle,’ to pay homage for their support.

Things are really starting to look a little shady here.

Bottom Line : If you don’t know who it is that you are going to do business with, then do NOT do Business with them at ALL.

It’s a simple philosophy and I think it makes sense. What do you think?


Is the Dubai Lifestyle App for Anyone?

It is advertised to work without having any prior knowledge or training. Mr. Scott claims some successful folks made mega bucks without even knowing the basics of a computer!

Wow! This must be some software and guess what, the software is FREE!Dubai Lifestyle App Review

So, you don’t need any training and you don’t need any money.

What’s the catch?

Let us check out how things really work in the next section.


Dubai Lifestyle App-  Everything is not what it seems

It is true that the Dubai Lifestyle app is completely free of charge. You don’t need any credit card or Paypal details.

All you need is to pay a fee of $250

It had to come sooner or later. Now you see the catch?

As I’ve mentioned earlier on, the software is based on binary option trading. This is online trading of a variety of assets such as stocks, commodities and currency pairs.

The sales video gives one a teaser as to how the software works.

(here is an overview)

You need to deposit your $250 to activate your account and begin the trading. The software(with its ‘magic’ algorithm) is able to run on autopilot(whilst you sipping on a pina colada) reaping you profits of up to $7000 in just one day!

Sound like a good deal? Here are two pitfalls I instantly picked up.

(1) The $250 Activation Fee: Don’t get me wrong there are some really legit trading platforms out there that ask for this fee upfront. Those legit guys offer training and a trial period, none of which is evident here.

Furthermore, I have reviewed two other scam binary option trading platforms, namely Trianasoft and 1-K Daily Profit  and both nicely ask for the same $250 fee. Dubai Lifestyle App Review

(2) 99.8% Accuracy: Dubai Lifestyle App, makes bold claims of giving investors a return of 99.8%. If this were the case, everybody would be doing it, don’t you think?  Even the legit guys out there will only go as far as stating an 85% success rate.

The Support of the Dubai Lifestyle App

I decided to sign up anyway and see what the support is like. Dubai Lifestyle App ReviewThe site generously claims to offer a 24hour service by their friendly customer support team.



I logged my query using the ‘contact us’ feature on the 15th October and ever since only received a support ticket and no real answer.(this article was published on the 17th Oct)Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Rest assured if I do get a reply I will certainly update this post.

Red Flags of the Dubai Lifestyle App

Red Flag Nr 1 : Limited Time and ‘Spots’ Available

This is an extremely popular scare tactic employed to prey upon people’s emotions to get them to sign on before the time runs out or registration places fill up.

Dubai Lifestyle app is no different. The official homepage has got both, a time counter as well as a ‘number of spots available’ on each of the upper corners of their website.

Guess what happens when you refresh the page or return to the page in a couple of hours?

Exactly! It just starts counting down again.

Don’t fall for this sort of marketing.

Red Flag Nr 2 : Testimonials and Brokerage

It is always good to learn from folks who tried a certain program and seen some success before one decides to try it out for themselves. In this particular case, all the testimonials are 5 Stars and there is no picture to accompany the names.

How can one trust those lovely stories?Dubai Lifestyle App Review

The second thing is that you don’t get to choose the brokerage of your choice when conducting your trades. What bothers me, is that you get no history, reputation, or track record of their services.This literally puts the fate of your money into someone else’s hands.

My Final Verdict of the Dubai Lifestyle App

With misleading information of exorbitant profit claims, poor support, no real founder to identify with, and ‘sneaky’ marketing ploys, I am of the opinion that this opportunity is not really worth it.

Verdict : Not LegitDubai Lifestyle App

It is sad indeed that there are people out there who prey and take advantage of others who are looking for a way to build an honest online business.

I understand that you are looking for a way to start making money. After all, this  is the main reason that you are here.

The bad news is that with Dubai Lifestyle App it will not be a very successful feat.

The Good news is that there is a way to start your own online business and you will have the opportunity of trying it right now for FREE, with a Zero Dollar investment.

No credit card! No Paypal needed. You can start the 7 Day Starter membership course without any obligation whatsoever. The main reason why the Starter memberships are Free is because you can test it out and see if it is really your cup of coffee.

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Is working from home a good idea


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Just take a quick look at the table below and see how it compares to the Dubai Lifestyle App.



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Thanks so much for joining me today on the Dubai Lifestyle App Review. I hope that this post helped you to get all your questions answered.

If there is anything else on your mind, please let me know in the comments below.

I would be happy to help you wherever I can.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

To your online sucess




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  1. Hi,

    Unfortunately, way to many scam sites like this exist. The fact that they are becoming more common to me means that they must be making money. This angers me. I feel as though some sites make it so obvious that it is a scam on purpose. They know that only very gullible people will fal for their scams…so by making it obvious they eliminate the time they would be wasting with the rest of the population. In this case it is very evident that you can not make 99 percent correct trades and make 1000s of dolars a week off of a 250 dolar investment.


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