8 Awesome Ways on How To Kick Start your New Year, May it be Your Best One Yet!

As we draw towards the close of 2016, you may reflect upon on what you have accomplished, missed out on or wished would never have happened to you. Nevertheless, don’t waste too much time beating yourself up if things never go according to plan.

Just hold your head up and look forward to the new year ahead of you.

Today, I am going to give you some quick pointers on how to kick start your new year into high gear.

No, I am certainly not going to even bring up the topic of resolutions. I for one am guilty of not sticking to them.

Instead, I am going to talk about some simple things that you can start doing right now that will allow you to enter 2017 with less baggage, fresh hopes and excitement.

Are you okay with that ?

Great ! Let’s start!

8 Ways on How to Kick Start Your New Year

1. Steal time for yourself

I know that this may sound selfish but there is no need to sugar coat things here.How to kick start your new year

You are important and you deserve to give yourself the best of things. If you like doing things for family and friends, trust me you are not alone as I am exactly the same.

I am not saying that you should not do for them. Sometimes, though, we tend to forget to do things for ourselves and make ourselves a priority. So for 2017, try something different if you haven’t already. Take time out for yourself.

After a crazy day at work, or once the kids are gone to bed, take time out to do things that make YOU happy.

If you’re a gamer, play a game. If you like coloring books, do that. What about reading or listening to some of your music? Whatever it is that you enjoy doing during your pastime, make it a point to do your best to incorporate it as part of your daily routine.

This will benefit you in 2 ways

1. You won’t feel resentment or bitterness when it comes to doing for others as you have taken the initiative of putting yourself first.

2. By valuing yourself and doing things for yourself, you will be able to do for others.

2. Sort Out your Clutter

Have you got piles of recipes, or notes or articles all in the boxes collecting dust?

Start your 2017 by getting rid of them. How to kick start your new yearGetting rid of your clutter will clear up dense space and allow more energy to flow freely. It will also allow for new things to enter your space.

The fact that it has been there for so long shows you that it never really added much benefit and probably may never. However, there is a plus to this situation….

If you organize the clutter and keep what you really want and file them properly then maybe there is a good chance that you end up using the material in time to come.

Just one more piece of advice: If you end up using that Tiramisu or Malva pudding recipe, don’t forget who spurred you on. I will be waiting for my slice, thank you very much.

3. Get rid of unwanted books or magazines

You can donate these  to your local library or sell your stuff. Lots of folks out there have yard sales and it helps to bring in some extra cash into your pocket.

If you have the time you can use online sites such as Craigslist, or Gumtree, or Junkmail to advertise your products.

If you are living in the UK, there is a site called Crazyaboutmagazines that will actually pay you for your old magazines, so do check them out.

4. Get rid of old clothesHow to kick start your new year

As a rule of thumb whatever my wife and I have not worn for the last 12 months goes into the donation bin.

Once again, this is all about letting go of the old so that new energy can step in. Besides, once you’ve cleared your wardrobe you will know exactly what it is that you have, so that when you go out shopping, you won’t end up having two similar kinds of dresses or jackets.

5 . Get a will in order

I know that death is something that a lot of folks out there don’t like to talk about,but it’s a reality. In fact, its the only thing that is certain in our lives.How to kick start your new year

Having a will in order is mandatory for every single person. You don’t want to leave the law to decide how your property or estate should be divided amongst your loved ones when you pass on.

In a time of grief, you certainly don’t want any ‘uneasiness’ or animosity amongst family members, so just get a will drawn up for peace of mind.

Did you know ?

In a recent survey conducted, 53% of the adult population in the UK had NOT drafted up a will.A similar percentage exists for the young adult population in the United States.

Don’t become a statistic, get your will done.

6. Sort out your finances

The end of the year is a wonderful time to unwind and give yourself a treat.

Sometimes, you may let the festivities get the better of you, by finding yourself having spent more money than usual.

How to kick start your new year

As reality hits you with those dreaded credit card bills to pay, one can be left feeling all gloomy and depressed as you enter the new year.

Don’t, I repeat , Don’t let these bills get you down.

The fact is, that they are there, and you have to sort it out. Work out a payment plan, and stick to it. Decide how much you’re going to pay each month and hold yourself accountable. They can be sorted out and if you need help, then seek it through the proper channels.

Whatever you do, do not ignore it, as you will only end up making the situation worse than it needs to be.

7. Get yourself active and start feeling good

With all that alcohol, and overeating over the festive season, it’s time to give your body a physical break.

After all, it allowed you to party when you wanted too, now give it what it deserves.A detox.

Eating healthy fruits and veggies, How to kick start your new yearor regularly adding salads to your meals can do wonders for general overall health. Let’s not forget upping your daily intake of water, i.e if you have not been doing it already.

Depending on your current health, why not look at starting up a home workout program.Things like yoga, or for the fanatic, P90X can get you looking and feeling great!

8. Get yourself into better Financial health

Once, your bills are manageable and you have some extra money to invest, then you can look at investing in an online business.

There are plenty of benefits to having an online business. Not only can you do it part time, but it can also be a cheaper alternative than having to build a conventional, ‘ brick and mortar ‘ enterprise.

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Sure, it will take time and some hard work, but the same will apply to starting up any legit and honest business. Who knows, maybe by the end of 2017, you would have a solid online foundation. This can be the start of your and your families legacy.

Nothing is impossible. I always believe that if you can dream it , you achieve it.

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Are you ready for 2017?

I hope that these ways on how to kick start your New Year will help make your 2017 an awesome one.

Have you got some of your own ways on how you plan to start your 2017?

Share it with us. We would love to hear about them.

One more thing.Please be safe and take things easy over the holiday season.

May you all have a fantastic 2017.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Kind Regards










8 thoughts on “8 Awesome Ways on How To Kick Start your New Year, May it be Your Best One Yet!”

  1. Hi Roopesh,

    Some great tips here, one or two that I certainly need to pay attention to myself, particularly number 5. Writing a Will is something both I and other half always talk about but never seem to get round to doing. It’s going straight to the top of the list.

    Number 8 is great too, I firmly believe that the only way to get on top of your financial worries is to set up your own online business, the possibilities with it are endless, you can do whatever you love to do, build a website and earn money at the same time.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Jenny
      Once you have that Will sorted out, it will give you some peace of mind.

      As for the online business part, I believe that it is essential to have a backup plan in place. You never know when unforeseen circumstances will crop up. Better to be safer than sorry.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. Im ready to make changes to my life for the better in 2017. I have many goals I want to achieve. I want to get lean and fit, I want to make money and save money, and I also want to get a better job. Its so easy to set new years goals, but its so hard sticking to them. New year is a good time to get rid of the clutter in life and start anew. I also started nofap a few days ago and plan on continuing on throughout 2017.

    • Hello Kent

      Great I am very happy to hear that you are ready for 2017.

      The hard part is sticking to the goals. Just try your best and don’t be too hard on yourself. I wish for you to achieve all your goals in 2017.

      Have a Great Year ahead!



  3. Every time a new year approach, we think of how we can the new one different from the previous. And I think these tips you gave, it actually gave me idea on what to do this coming new year. Much like a New Year Resolution, the only difference is that, you said “kickstart”, so it’s more on action-related thing.

    Of the 8 that you mentioned, it’s the #8 that really matters to me, as it can help improve other aspects of life.

    Thanks for sharing, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

    • Hey Gomer

      Getting into business for yourself, is always a great idea. As you said, it can help improve other aspects of your life as well.

      I am glad that this article has helped you.

      Merry Christmas to you too and Have a Great 2017 !



  4. Hi Roopesh,

    Thanks for this helpful and timely list. I don’t give myself enough time for just me, so I’ll be doing more of that in 2017. Getting rid of clutter is a biggie … for my husband! so I’ll share this post with him 🙂

    One of the more pressing things I need to do is update my Will, it’s been over 10 years since it was updated so thanks for the reminder.

    And I really need to become more active and watch my diet, as I have a really busy year coming up and I need to make sure I remain healthy and fit.

    Thanks so much for the reminder 🙂


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